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February 4, 2013

This is Who I am....... by Marleisa

I always hear a lot about the cost of sending kids back to school.

I thought I would take the opportunity at the start of the 2013 school year to share with you the cost of going back to school for the teacher!

Over the past few weeks I have worked hard at getting my classroom set up, organized and looking good.

So, here’s the damage…….


$245.45 Spotlight (material, ribbons, magnets, velcro dots, storage, candles, cushions, ottoman)


$179.55 Mitre 10 (paint, paintbrushes, cleaning products, contact)


$135.50 Edsco (stickers, prizes, teaching calendar, posters)


$305.80 Office Works (folders, clips, desk accessories, coloured paper, laminating pouches, printer cartridges)

$96.05 $2 Shops (plastic containers, mats, storage, prizes, stickers)

That’s a total of $962.35 – yikes.

And remember that’s using cupboards, bookcases and a fridge that I had bought in previous years.

On top of these expenses I still have to clothe myself in professional…

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