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On the Authority of Omar bin Al-khattab, who said, I heard the messenger of Allah S.A.W say; Actions are but by intention and every man Read more…



After watching this video, I couldn’t help but think that as cute as these munchkins are Mark Rothko is more than a slice of bread or three different colour towels… Watch for yourself… Oh and Dear Schools in America who are cutting Art Education… maybe this will persuade you to put more money towards it. Art is culture. Culture is life. It defines who we are.

Kids need to be educated. Not just cute.

Just saying, don’t take this personally. I know they are youngsters but they know da Vinci and van Gogh! Oy. Oy. Oy.


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Andy's Writing Tips



To nominalise means to form a noun from a verb or adjective. That’s according to the dictionary – the OED, since you’re asking – put out becomes output, and true becomes truth. We can use the word ‘nominalisation’ more broadly to refer to the way writers turn events, states or ideas into noun phrases, thus making it easier to talk about them. Let’s take an example – you’re arguing with your sister about the remote control again (you two should really sort that out) and you say to her:

You are being really selfishness and unreasonable. You spend hours watching soaps which are really boring and which they are not artistic or worthwhile.

She replies:

My purported selfishness and lack of reason are not the issue, dear sibling, but your inability to appreciate the finer subtleties of soaps.

She has flummoxed you. Your sister has out argued…

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Read alouds are timeless qualities of the schoolroom experience. I may have a biased opinion, being that of a teacher. Truthfully though, think back to grade school. You totally still remember a chapter book or awe inspiring picture book being read to you, right? I still remember Holes and A Child Called It being read to me in fifth and sixth grade. I was enthralled with the stories and eagerly anticipated that 15 minute block of reading where my teacher, putting down the teaching materials, picked up a book and took us to worlds of adventure and emotion.

I bring up this topic of ‘read alouds’ because I have been thoroughly enjoying my student’s reactions as of late to the various chapter books I have been reading to them daily. Two recents have been The BFG and Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl, both insight much laughter among my class. My…

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This is Who I am....... by Marleisa

I always hear a lot about the cost of sending kids back to school.

I thought I would take the opportunity at the start of the 2013 school year to share with you the cost of going back to school for the teacher!

Over the past few weeks I have worked hard at getting my classroom set up, organized and looking good.

So, here’s the damage…….


$245.45 Spotlight (material, ribbons, magnets, velcro dots, storage, candles, cushions, ottoman)


$179.55 Mitre 10 (paint, paintbrushes, cleaning products, contact)


$135.50 Edsco (stickers, prizes, teaching calendar, posters)


$305.80 Office Works (folders, clips, desk accessories, coloured paper, laminating pouches, printer cartridges)

$96.05 $2 Shops (plastic containers, mats, storage, prizes, stickers)

That’s a total of $962.35 – yikes.

And remember that’s using cupboards, bookcases and a fridge that I had bought in previous years.

On top of these expenses I still have to clothe myself in professional…

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